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Living Tomorrow is the most beloved innovation platform where you connect with millions of customers, partners, markets and government contacts of today and tomorrow. With them, we build a dialogue to promote, design and test your services and your products for tomorrow.

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Why do businesses and organisations succeed so rarely in being truly innovative? Why is that a problem? And what solutions are there?

Joachim De Vos - author of "Why innovation fails"
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We’re building one of the biggest, well equipped innovation campuses of Europe

Interested in following the construction of the Living Tomorrow campus step by step? Watch our livestream in order not to miss a single second of the future!

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At our Living Tomorrow HQ, you can experience what the future holds in store for us.

An interactive tour through our buildings, where innovative solutions are brought into practice. Hear, see, taste and feel the future. And, as you can expect from an innovative organisation such as ours, our guided tours are fully adapted to today's guidelines. There's no need to wait to dive into the future!

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Meeting center

Living Tomorrow is situated amid lush green scenery and still close to the Brussels ring road. Many of our meeting rooms have their own porch. Apple TV, Barco Clickshare, digital flipcharts… are at your disposal. For larger scale events we provide the auditorium and the event hall. The vast grounds of Living Tomorrow also offer a wealth of opportunities for outdoor events. And there is plenty of parking space available.


Joachim De Vos keynote

Joachim De Vos

Joachim has various keynotes about scenario planning, his book "Why Innovation Fails"... A keynote of Joachim is the perfect starting point for every CIO and innovation lead.

Insights & stories

To help the construction industry grow we must take a step back

To help the construction industry grow we must take a step back

Building the home of the future also means looking into the future of the construction industry. Frederik Vaes (UAU Collectiv) and Bart Thijs, two architects behind our new ‘Living Tomorrow’ campus, see several important developments. “The soaring prices of energy and building materials and the importance of sustainability are forcing us to look beyond the latest gadgets and attractive design”, they say.

Energy Efficiency Movement

Energy Efficiency Movement

It is estimated that by 2050 the global population will have risen to 9.7 billion, up from 7.7 billion in 2019. The global economy is expected to more than double over the same period. Urbanization, automation, and the rise of living standards will significantly increase the demand for energy globally. At the same time, we urgently need to reduce our CO2 emissions to counter climate change.

Technology partner HP helps build the future of education

Technology partner HP helps build the future of education

In the context of the Office of the Future, HP has been investigating the evolution of the work world as a technology partner for several years now. Social trends and findings have been collected and HP has formulated practical advice to provide organizations with maximum support in the evolution towards a hybrid work environment. Not only is there an evolution going on in the world of work, but there is also a shift in education…

Living Tomorrow and TomorrowLab prepare their future - Yin Oei new CEO of Living Tomorrow group

Living Tomorrow and TomorrowLab prepare their future - Yin Oei new CEO of Living Tomorrow group

Since they were founded, Living Tomorrow and TomorrowLab have been defining companies in the Belgian innovation landscape. Today Living Tomorrow is a leading innovation platform and is on the eve of opening an ambitious innovation campus in Vilvoorde. TomorrowLab is currently guiding innovation strategies and scenarios for top organisations and governments. This impressive growth path and ambitious plans have led to a few shifts in management. Yin Oei becomes CEO of Living Tomorrow and Joachim De Vos, as managing partner, becomes more than ever the driving innovation force of Living Tomorrow Group.

These are our Co-initiators and AAA-partners for the Innovation Campus


We are part of a network that breathes innovation

Living Tomorrow and Tomorrowlab can guide you on the continuous journey towards innovation, every step of the way.

Tomorrowlab takes the inspiration gained at Living Tomorrow one step further. They help businesses, cities and governments to build a vision on innovation. Tomorrowlab develops solid strategies and practical roadmaps for the innovation of products, services and business models.

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