Punch Powertrain reports full readiness

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Punch Powertrain Sint-Truiden is advancing to large scale serial production of its novel hybrid DCT for the European market. With the capacity for initial 300.000 key components manufacturing being successfully installed, the company is rapidly progressing with further increase of its capacity towards 600.000 units in 2023. It will further increase its capacity with additional 600.000 units to satisfy 2024 and 2025 demand.

Punch Powertrain reports its full readiness for start of production at the Sint-Truiden plant, which is entrusted with manufacturing of the key components of its class leading, proprietary hybrid DCT. The full process of validation and testing for the piloting car models has been completed and the hardware design is released for serial production.

As the project is already in ramp-up phase, the plant has successfully completed and validated the installation of machines towards the yearly production of the first 300.000 units in both its Sint-Truiden and Metz locations, with the installation of equipment for additional key components currently ongoing. Punch Powertrain Sint-Truiden aims at producing over 600.000 key component sets in first instance, further increasing its output over the next year with additional 600.000 units.

“We are proud of the work, completed by our teams in order to prepare for the first ramp-up phase of production” says Stephane Lozach, Plant Manager Sint-Truiden. “In order to meet the challenging production volume requirements in the hybrid dual clutch transmission project, we look forward to growing our diverse and passionate team. In addition to on the on-the-job training for all new recruits, we have designed a dedicated training program for people who seek to reorient and join our clean, safety oriented and high-tech production environment.”

The DT2 electrified transmission is one of the most significant technologies to be realized by Punch Powertrain. Alongside Punch Powertrain’s EV product range, it demonstrates the company’s transition from conventional to electrified transmissions, and an important step forward in green technology employable at scale. This hybrid dual clutch transmission also signifies growth in European and global markets for the company. While the company’s legacy CVT product is predominantly servicing the Chinese market at present, in its bid to lead the electrified dual clutch transmission market in 2025, Punch Powertrain’s DT2 significantly shifts the center of gravity towards Europe and other regions of the world.

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